To broadcast a bit wider our answer to Al’s question about children on site:

All nations will have as a cultural option the ability to craft armour out of no more than thirteen occupied baby harnesses, one per loc, which will make the wearer immune to every third damage call at that location, and entirely to impale.

Any person found swearing on the field, whether in front of a child or not, will be hoisted to the rafters of the GOD tent by wrists and left there for not less than three hours or until time-out (whichever is sooner) as an example to others. We do not have a comprehensive definition of “swearing” as agreed by our entire ref team, so we will leave it up to the players to decide if they are offended.

Finally, we remind players that the Orc nation’s traditions of ritualistic infantcide and subsequent canabilism will be roleplayed on site with relish, and ketchup where applicable.