“Our Mark Is Coming”

The Song live in the most inhospitable narritive the Idyll Empire has to offer. They stare death in the face with stark realisation every day, knowing that the death-toll of those mentioned in the histories is remarkably high. The Song are replaceable foes, who stand linend up in the face of the empire’s enemies, each one being replaced instantly as another falls. For the people of the Song, survial to the next chapter of their history is the best they can hope for.

The Song consist of three peoples, The Stark, The Faendom and the Bannisters, bound together by an anchient contract with the higher being order.

The Stark homeland is the north, covered in snow and ice. They are medeocre survivors with recognisable accents, they are consummate hunters, using their wolf pets to aid in their hunting alongside their carefully drilled rifle skills. Most are dry-humoured warriors, who spend much of their time lusting after powerful rings, ever watchful against the next swipe of the great author’s pen.

The Bannisters are impressive in their finery and their dresses. Exceptionally internally focused, they survive better than most of their northen cousins, and rely on their speed with rapier to come to their aid in battle, if they cannot avoid the battle at all. A group of wildly different heights, it appears the shorter they become the more interesting they get.

The Faendom do not hold close ties to their bretheren within the nation, attracted to the area by the rugged fur-and-leather trappings of the Stark, they usually regret their new home rapidly and enlist in a nation with depth they care about, or move on to a more fashionable nation as the higher being order gains interest in it.

In the Song you are judged on every deed. It is a land of long-running legends and sudden deaths. It is a land where men and women stand steadfast against the cold and know that sometimes you will be written out of history without warning. In the Song, there’s a firm belief that if only the other Nations followed their example, the final book in their history could finally be written.