The economy is a heavy topic for debate – and in the game – and it’s a part of the game we take absolutely seriously.

One of the central discussion points we have observed of festival larp is over the ability to use OOC time and organisational skills to generate in character money. Currency and trade is a complicated topic, and entire essays could be written about in game economies, and the danger of unbalancing them by the importing of cake-based goods for in-character money is a worry.

The our first solution is that alongside Weapons Check there will be a new Cake Check desk, where we will check any baked goods you intend to sell and assign a sensible in-world cost price, which you will need to pay as your character’s outlay for ingredients and equipment. This will be based on observation and recipe, as well as a taste test. Be prepared to lose a sample! We believe that this method will allow cake-sellers to interact in a real way with the game economy without providing an external value item that unbalances and destroys it. Cakes are the sub-prime mortgages of the larp economy.