“Plate? Hah”

Once, and it only needed to happen once, The forces of the Progression faced the Song in a minor skirmish about a misplaced border. The forces lined up on a field near the most contested part, ready to fight to the death for this small parcel of land. When the perfect time had approached the general of the Progression forces raised her hand to make the signal from the platform where all the army could see her…

… and an arrow impaled her chest though the leather, and she slumped lifeless to the ground.

That was the day the Progression swore forever to be protected from arrows.

(They lost the battle, because the opposing Song of Heart general was killed by his lover and his wife, who were acting in concert to overthrow the leadership so it could go to his eldest son, who was actually… nevermind, it’s complicated).

Every house in the Progression is fortified with iron plate. The windows are shielded from all sides, and sunlight is feared in case arrows or bolts come from the blinding light. Each child is issued with a set of full articulated plate as soon as they can walk, and instruction in how to use it effectively as soon as they can walk again. No Progressive would be seen dead outside their armour-plated houses or tents without at least plate armour on, and the full knights of the realm have taken to wearing pill-boxes built of solid stone and heavy mortar, that they can forever be safe from any arrows that may accidentally glance towards them. These cuboid suits of stone armour were initially mounted on wheels, but this is shunned by experienced knights who claim that the danger of an arrow going below the axle level is too much to be stood for. Their shields would, in other Nations, be used as walls.

The grand high Progressive has not been seen since he sealed himself inside a cave when he heard tell of the invention of the crossbow bolt. It’s been a few decades since then, but they still admire him and the protection he resides in. He must still be alive, as he is perfectly safe.