The cult of ‘Sicero are traders, solvers of problems, and wearers of headcloths.

Around a fifth of ‘Sicero land is rich and abundant in a resource called “O’lv”, a key ingrediant in the best swords and hardiest sheilds thoughout the Empire. Nobody has been able to find O’lv anywhere else, and so the tribes – or Hou’ses – of ‘Sicero have grown rich and successful on the trading of O’lv. These tribes tend to be open and friendly, welcoming and civil. They will feed you beverages and sweet pastries, and haggle your prices down until they squeak. All deals can only be broached after one or more cups of the traditional sweet, carbonated hot beverage “Khoa’la”.

Other hou’ses are much less well off. The tribes without O’lv – Known as the Bra’s’sic (Bra-sa-seq) Hou’ses – have lived for generations in the shadow of the O’lv Bahr’ons, living on a heavily barter-based economy within their huge traveling markets – or Haa’star’s. Dealers in anything they can get their hands on, the standard currency for many decades has been in memory of a long-extinct dromedary, the Kah’mal. It is said that a Bra’s’sic trader would sell his on mother for five Kah’mals.

The different tribes of the cult of ‘Sicero are easy to differentiate. There is a complex and hierarchical set of tribal cloth patterns, in squares, stripes and patterns, that you can always distinguish a member of the ‘Sicero by, known as their Ka’Tarn. The richer O’lv Hou’ses wear their Ka’Tarn head-dress with a band around the forehead to hold it in place, in a style known as the Ciff’yah; whereas the Bra’s’sic prefer to fold their head-dress in a shape that fits around their head, known as the Ma’teath.