Having been paying attention to cross-industry trends, as well as our nordic Immersion Enhancement lessons, IS are today announcing our bold new initiative for LARP Ticketing.

We are simulating, with the famous Idyll Empire, a modern pre-medieval setting, with enhanced social understanding. We looked at the concept, and decided that we the ref-team found it to be self-evident that no player is ab

ove or below any other player, that they should stand as equals together, and that no player could look down upon any other player for any reason.

Then we worked out that we can make money from this, because people want to have servants, fewer people want to play servants, but more want to pay less for their ticket.

So, we are annoucing the new strata of ticketing for Idle Speculation.

For 100% of the ticket price, you will be assigned a Hero ticket, which will entitle you to one character of your choice and background, a downtime for the event following, and free camping for the duration of the event.

For 70% of the full ticket price, you can get a Sidekick ticket, which will entitle you to play one servant character assigned to a player of your choice, or one at random should you not choose. You will be required to play their servant both in and – within reason – out of character.

For 40% of the full ticket price, you can play one of our mass-battle monster characters, where we will give you makeup and kit, and you can be a three hit respawning monster for an entire weekend (This is an upgrade from our previous system’s “seraph” class)

To avoid balancing problems with the economy, players will be limited to a less effective downtime for their first three events, and will have a hard limit as to the amount of money they can acquire in play. In addition, there will be a limit set on the number of Heros allowed on the field at any time, with a queuing system in place for those who remain.

These restrictions also help us to balance the forthcoming “Real Money Trading House” concept, where you will be able to purchase items created in play by existing characters for real money, thus enhancing your game experience.