This morning, the Idle Speculation development team found a suggestion box nailed outside our door. Inside were two suggestions, the first saying “You should get a suggestions box”, and the second:

“Unintelligent players, or those lacking in charisma or wisdom, will be permitted to have a more mentally gifted person with them OOC to suggest clever and/or humorous things to say”

To which IS can only agree that this will monumentally add to the atmosphere and feel of legal proceedings. Alternatively we may invest in a soft-skill Wit system, whereby players with the Wit skill will be given a number of tokens each event, and they are able to use them after any line they believe should have gotten a better reaction to make their audience fall about laughing, or possibly just go “heh”. This system would only exist as a transitional phase.

“Temporary Wit Accessibility Tokens” players will be accepted and lauded on the field. Their ability to maintain an audience to be affected by the tokens will remain a hard skill for balance reasons.