Here at Idle Speculation, we take pride in taking the very best of other campaigns, and, thus inspired, we are tackling one of the most important aspects of any modern LARP system: How to prove that your stuff is better than their crap.

Traditionally, there are several ways of doing this. First, there is the time honoured method of hitting people with your superior latex covered sticks until they are convinced of your worldview. This is a method encouraged and supported by the system, see “Combat Rules” in ISpeculation passim.

Secondarily, there is the plastic tag method, where each item is labelled with a laminated card indicating the use and status of the item. Due to the nature of the Idyll universe, we aren’t able to support this mechanism, as items would logically be confused in-universe for artifacts of the Fellowesland Lammie-Nation.

Thirdly, there is the ultra-modern system of embedding RFID tags into every in-universe item, issuing scanners to refs (and players with the relevant skills) to be able to recognise weapons. It turns out, however, that this method looks slightly crap, is very expensive and is fairly easy to break. Plus, in our limited trials, twelve characters were killed for necromancy due to holding an oyster card.

Eventually, we have hit upon a brand new system, innovative and ideal. We have developed a brand new form of identification for weapons that is subtle, a two inch squared piece of paper with a revolutionary adhesive reverse, which contains a series of sigils that will identify special items and their effects. Player-focused effects and enhancements will be handed to the players as descriptions on these tags without the adhesive reverse.

By this method, we will have completely removed lammies from our system.